R Packages for Writing R Packages

  • “devtools”
    • The devtools package by Hadley Wickham, Jim Hester, and Winston Chang, with functions to simplify the tasks when developing R packages.
  • “usethis”
    • The usethis package by Hadley Wickham and Jenny Bryan, with handy workflow functions for R packages and other R-based projects.
  • “roxygen2”
    • The roxygen2 package by Hadley Wickham, Peter Danenberg, Gábor Csárdi, and Manuel Eugster for writing documentation.
  • “pkgdown”
    • The pkgdown package by Hadley Wickham and Jay Hesselberth, creates nice-looking websites based off the documentation for R packages.
  • “testthat”
    • The testthat package by Hadley Wickham, simplifies the process of writing and running tests.

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